道之所在 虽千万人 吾往矣

I am Chaoli Zhang, currently a PhD student at university of Bonn, working under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Reiprich on galaxy clusters in x-rays.

I completed my MSc at Leiden University where I worked with Prof. Huub Rottgering on large scale structure around high redshift radio galaxy (z>2).

Before coming to Leiden, I was an undergraduate student at Australian National University (ANU) where I did my B.Sc. in mathematics/astrophysics under the guidance of Prof. Geoff Bicknell and Prof. Helmut Jerjen.

After finishing my master studies, I took a gap year (well, technically speaking, it's one and half year) to work at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Peking University (supervisor: Prof. Richard de Grijs) as well as in the Shanghai Observatory (supervisors: Prof. Li Chen and Prof. Zhengyi Shao).

[Interests]: My interests are broad, ranging from economics to business, from programming to Japanese animations (e.g. Dragon Ball Z), from the frontier of science and technology to hacker culture and, of course, investment.

[Music]: New-Age, Light, Linkin Park, S.E.N.S., 新雅乐

[Sport]: Standing-Still (站桩), Jogging

[Favorite character]: Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyan Loading